The first thing i noticed after installing Ubuntu is the boot grub menu looks really sucks, B/W and plain , doesnt look pretty for my eyes…for a woman, outer appearance is important (at least for me..^_^)

I was installing mandrake years ago, and the first thing i remember was, i really loved the mandrake LILO menu’s i cant wait to ask my guru, his name is Google ^_^, he told me ways to change the hurting-my-eyes-Ubuntu’s Grub menu’s appearance.

So, i choose an image, open it with GIMP.

From Menu, Select Image -> Scale Image, Change the size to 640x480px.

I should change the color’s composition since Grub only allowed maximum 14 colour, go to Image -> Mode -> Indexed


fill 14, for maximum number of colors.


also choose Floyd-Steinberg (reduced color bleeding) for color dithering,and enable dithering of transparency, this makes the pics look softer (imho).

Save the file in the format .xpm.gz


Open terminal, goto directory where you save the file, i save the file in my home directory

cd /home/nurul

then copy the file to directory /boot/grub/splashimages

sudo cp yui.xpm.gz /boot/grub/splashimages

Then Open menu.lst file, type :

sudo gedit /boot/

in the menu.lst file, edit the splashimage section, change the image name with the name of image you desire to use as grub menu background, here is mine :


i also want to change the grub menu list, this is how my menu settings, (you can change it the way you like) :


I’ve deleted some lists that i dont want it to appear when i see the grub menu by simply delete the line or added # in the beginning of the line.

Save the file.