April 2009

i have upgraded my intrepid to jaunty…coz i hope jaunty would be like hardy which had run flawlessly on my system…but what i got is worst…jaunty has issues with my VGA, my compiz cant run at all..!!!, its not just static IP setting, or lower sound card performance, or scraggy touchpad scroll that i can tolerate like what was happened at intrepid..the issues with jaunty is much more vexing….should i downgrade to hardy again??

i also try a new windows 7 beta, had upgraded from vista, its awesome, but its cant detect my 8GB USB Kingston Flashdrive??? anyone could help?


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written by Sandip on January 22, 2009

Windows 7 Desktop Gadget

Windows 7 Sidebar has significant change then windows vista. Windows Vista sidebar was completely independent of user account control. However in windows 7 sidebar with gadget and UAC are related means if you turn of or disable UAC in windows 7 then sidebar will not work.

This has been done to prevent users from installing any malicious unsigned desktop gadget in windows 7. Since most of the users prefer to keep User Account control (UAC) disabled, they wont be able to enjoy desktop gadgets and sidebar in windows 7, well here is small work around basically a registry hack to make windows 7 sidebar with gadget to work when UAC is disabled or turned off.

How to Enable Sidebar & Desktop Gadget with Disable/Turned Off UAC in windows 7

1. Click on start and type regedit on search bar

2. Now navigate to follow registry key in left pan of registry editor


3. Right Click in right pan of registry editor to Create A New DWORD(32 Bit Value) with name “AllowElevatedProcess” and set value as “1”.

4. Now close registry editor

5. Right click on desktop and add desktop gadgets to confirm Desktop gadget and sidebar working properly

You can download AllowElevatedProcess.reg and double click on AllowElevatedProcess.reg file to add registry entry.

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Buat yg mengalami masalah ketika menginstal HJSplit di kompi linuxnya, mungkin bisa ngikutin post ini.. :cool:

pertama, kita download dulu HJSplit dan library yang dibutuhkan (Kylix library). klo udah di donlot, tinggal di-extract kemudian di-install.

  1. extract dulu file library-nya.
    tar xzvf kylixlibs3-borqt-3.0-2.tar.gz
    kemudian, jalankan (sebagai root) file install.sh di dalam directory yang baru dibuat.
    cd kylixlibs3-borqt
    sudo ./install.sh

    jika dijumpai suatu message seperti di bawah ini, hiraukan saja.
    [: 12: ==: unexpected operator
  2. berikutnya, extract file hjsplitlx.tar.gz, kemudian jalankan file HJSplitLX.
    tar xzvf hjsplitlx.tar.gz

    jika dijumpai error seperti di bawah ini:
    ./HJSplitLX: symbol lookup error: ./HJSplitLX: undefined symbol: initPAnsiStrings
    jalankan command berikut ini:
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/kylix3
    kemudian jalankan lagi file HJSplitLX.
    anda juga bisa menambahkan baris tersebut pada file /etc/bash.bashrc, sehingga tidak perlu menjalankan perintah export tersebut setiap kali komputer dinyalakan.